Yes. Animals love us. We can feel it for ourselves. I am not an animal specialist. But I have felt that love.

I’m not sure when did I start loving cats. They used to walk on the walls of our house. I did meow at them, but they ignored me and walked away.

Two years ago, when we were doing some additions to the house we were about to move in, my mother noticed a Mama Cat living with her two kittens in the veranda. They must have liked the place.πŸ€”

The day we moved in to the house, I met the cat family. They didn’t seem to be frightened by us. They must have understood that we were their new neighbors. πŸ˜…

Georgina, the Mama Cat

Troy and Martin, the kittens

We started giving them meals. They were an adorable bunch. My parents don’t like animals inside the house, so we couldn’t adopt them. And they were always trying to get inside and go upstairs to our rooms! Georgina left the babies and went away soon after we moved in. But the kittens stayed with us for over two years.

Troy was the friendliest cat I had ever met. While his brother didn’t liked to be touched, Troy loved neck scratches. I could see their affection for me in their actions. They purred, gave head bumps, walked around my feet, kneaded (read made biscuits)! πŸ˜‚I still don’t understand how did he start trusting us so soon. I guess that’s because all cats have different personalities. πŸ€”

I started reading articles and watched videos by cat experts. I could apply all that theory in understanding Troy and Martin. They have taught me so much! Adopting cats will be easier for me in the future!

They used to bring some female cats during mealtimes. All of them seemed to get along very nicely.

After I came back from my internship of one month, I realized it Troy and Martin were becoming irregular in their visits. Gradually, they stopped coming. I thought, it was because of the new tom cat, Simon, as cats don’t like intruders in their territories.

Simon, the new tom cat

The female cats, Montana and Mary, do visit with Simon during mealtimes, though Simon is the only regular one. I wonder where did Troy and Martin go. I hope they are happy wherever they are.



Ek Aakhri Baar…

Kehte hai,

Zindagi mein bohut log milenge,

Jinse hum khushiyaan baat sakte hai –

“Unhe apne paas rakhna”

Par main dhundhti hu usse,

Jisse apni khamoshiyaan baat sakoon-

Apni dil ki tanhaiyon ko khulke bayaan kar sakoon.

Koi mila tha,

Jisse bin kahe,

Sab keh jaati thi.

Ek puraane kitaab ki panne ki tarah,

Lagta tha wo.

Par mutthi khulte hi,

Ret ki tarah -phisalkar ojhal ho gaya

Baithi rahi main

Uske intezaar mein,

Aaj bhi, aakhen taras rahe hai

Usse dekhne ke khaatir,

Ek aakhri baar…