Some days ago, I went along with my father to one of his friends’ house. Uncle had a 2-year old granddaughter,Gungun. As soon as we started talking,she came in silently and sat with us. She was very cute but a bit shy. I called her a few times but she sat there staring at me like a little kitten. Aunty gave us snacks to eat and I just admired the way Gungun had those. When we went inside to see the house, she must have thought that we were leaving and called out to me in a tensed tone,”Baa! Baa! Kot jua?” I was taken aback at her gesture. I picked her up in my arms and said,”Kotu najau, Bhonti.”We talked for a few minutes and it was time for us to go back home. We bade them goodbye and drove away.
It was maybe the first time a kid was so pleased to meet me. I like kids, but generally, they don’t like to come to me. But still, they are among God’s wonderful creations and I shall continue loving them. They say, play with a baby whenever you’re upset, they’ll teach you how to smile. Now I say, yeah it works.


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