The Wind Chime

It’s raining outside. A cool breeze is making the wind chime ring. I actually like it, hanging in front of the window. As a kid, I used to keep staring at it for hours, sitting on the chair on cold afternoons. Today, it reminds me of an incident I had heard years ago.

I was in the 1st standard, to be precise. There lived a newly married couple in our locality. We had even attended their wedding. I remember the wedding because I had spilled black coffee on my favourite frock. How silly I was! (I am, even now!!!)

After a few months, we started hearing their quarrels. They were so loud, and sometimes I used to get scared, wondering what happened exactly. As soon as the ladies of the neighborhood came to know that the woman was expecting, they went to their house, to explain something, as Maa told us. We even heard rumors about the man having an extramarital affair. Days passed.

Surprisingly, on the day of her delivery, the man started behaving so nicely with his wife: taking her to the hospital, preparing meals. She gave birth to a really cute baby girl. Maa visited them at the hospital. She said that she remembered the days when Dids and I were born.

Unfortunately, the woman died. The doctors explained the reason as some kind of infection. All alone, the man brought the baby home. He took very good care of her and had got a maid to help him. The baby didn’t cry much, just kept staring at the wind chime hanging near her bed. Maybe she hoped that her dead mother would come back.
But one morning, perhaps due to the power of some evil spirits,the man started his hunt to kill his innocent child. He later explained this as a “necessary step” as he had married another woman. But, the baby must’ve known her father’s intentions. She started crawling, far away from that beast’s hands.

Soon, she reached a construction site, all by herself. The people around were awestruck. A heavy rod was about to fall on her, but as luck would have it, Po, the Dragon Warrior, arrived at the scene!!! He threw away the rod using one of his mighty kicks. Then, Master Shifu took the baby in his arms and went back to the Valley of Peace. He had seen the next Dragon Warrior in her. Everyone’s eyes were big with amazement.

What? Did you expect a heart-melting end to the story? Nah! Is it necessary to be serious all the time???!!! XD

The Wait…

The phone beeped. Her heart skipped a beat. A message. From him. Adrenaline rushed through her body. She was confused, whether to check the message or not. She only saw the notification,”Hi πŸ™‚ “.

Mugdha and Aryan were classmates. But both of them knew, they weren’t ‘just friends’.They were much more than that. Mugdha had a crush on him since the first day of college. Maybe, even Aryan had. They kept peeping at each other, blushing constantly. At last, on the 4th day, during their Anatomy practicals, he came up to her,”Hi, I’m Aryan. I’m from St Edmund’s. You?” Mugdha just couldn’t believe her ears! Her crush, talking to her! She just couldn’t stop blushing and said, Hello,I’m… I’m Mugdha,from…. umm…. St Joseph’s. How are you?” “I’m fine. Made friends?”,said Aryan. Mugdha looked down and said, “Umm, I’m a bit of an introvert. So…. not many friends.” Aryan asked,”Same here. Would you mind if we become friends?” Could Mugdha have said no?! She replied in the affirmative, and thus, started their friendship.

It was not the usual kind of friendship-talking,eating together. It was strange. For the first few days, it was quite fine. Then everything changed. Even though Aryan had talked to her first, he wasn’t that kind of a person Mugdha could talk to or be with, all the time. He would be busy with his friends and even if he wasn’t, he would always avoid her. He helped her whenever she was in need, though it was rare. Most of the time Aryan ignored her messages. A time had come when it was only Mugdha who was trying to keep their friendship intact.

She was very hurt by his behavior. They knew everything about each other, still, they didn’t say anything to each other. Sometimes they used to share their feelings with each other, but that wasn’t very often. Ego came in between. But this didn’t decrease her love for Aryan.

Once a girl from their class expressed her love for Aryan. Aryan rushed to Mugdha and said, “Mugu,just see, what the hell is this! Please help me to get rid of Neha.” Mugdha’s heart sank. She didn’t want Aryan to become someone else’s. She silently prayed so that Neha would leave him. Mugdha herself could never respond to boys who approached her. Fortunately, the Neha ‘chapter’ was over.

It was her birthday. Many of her friends and relatives gave their warm wishes. But Mugdha was waiting for that one birthday wish. From Aryan. She had gifted him a beautiful card which she had made it herself. He was very overwhelmed. She forgot everything and waited. But her wait never ended. He didn’t text her. Nothing. She was totally heartbroken.

* * *

“Mugdha, beta, dinner’s ready, her Mom called. “I’ve cooked your favourite paneer curry, beta”, said Dad. “Coming, Mom Dad”, Mugdha said as she came out of her past. She had fallen asleep and had even forgotten to reply Aryan. She quickly typed something and left for dinner.

Then came their finals. Mugdha and Aryan were completely absorbed in their studies. It was their last exam, Obstetrics and Gynecology. After coming out of the Hall, he saw Mugdha chatting with her friends happily. He went to her and called her, “Mugdha, how was the paper? She replied, “Oh, it was good. I could answer all the questions correctly. Hoping to get a good rank. What about you?” “Umm…it was fine,” he said, looking at the ground. She at once knew that he was sad and asked,”What happened Aryan? Everything alright?” “Umm…I…. I….Mugu… I…..Mugdha, I wanted to tell you something. I…..I love you Mugdha, I really love you very much”,he said in a very emotional tone. Her heart wrenched. She thought he was joking and started laughing. Aryan knew the reason. He explained,”Mugdha, I have ignored you a lot. And I swear that I did that knowingly. I had fallen in love with you on the first day I met you. But due to the certain reasons I couldn’t say you anything. I avoided you so that these feelings don’t hamper our studies. For the first few months, I couldn’t concentrate on anything but you. I didn’t even greet you on your birthday,although you had planned out mine so nicely. But I couldn’t hold up my feelings any longer. You must be wondering what a fool I’m. Trust me, I cried every time I avoided you. I know how you must’ve felt. I really love you.” He started crying. Mugdha said nothing. With tears in her eyes,she hugged him tightly.

It seemed like even the skies were crying tears of joy.The wait was finally over.