To a teacher…

​To the teacher,

Who taught us, but didn’t teach us

To the teacher,

Who was worried for us, but didn’t care for us;

To the teacher,

Who knew nothing about the mind of a child-

yet had 5 of his own:

We shall leave, please leave with us,

Children behind us shouldn’t suffer.

Newton,Einstein and Pythagoras’ works can be explained in better ways;

They didn’t order you to kill us.

To my teacher,

Won’t be easy for me believe-

Better gurus exist:

To the teacher,

Don’t use slangs; be compassionate:

Don’t hurl shoes-be considerate.


B’day, b’day!!!

Happy b’day Pradipta!!! Now you can join a “kill everyone” club (legally)! XD. Okay, I promise I won’t keep it long.

But, today you have to answer a question. Is Gaurav Pathak your twin? I mean, both of you look so alike. I don’t want to offend you, but even my friend had thought the same. Even both of your handwritings are the same.O_O

The way you talk always reminds me of Dr. House. You have an answer to every question. Keep it up! πŸ˜› (Of course,your answers aren’t correct all the time!)

I hope you can fulfill all your dreams and aspirations. Never lose your positivity. All the best for your future and may you can be with your blondie ASAP! I don’t know where we will be in a few months,but I’m sure we shall find time to drop a message enquiring about our lives. F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever??!!!

Stay blessed and have a blast! Keep smiling! πŸ™‚


Your silly friend


Mommy dear!


You always keep complaining to everyone that I talk very less and you actually have to force things out from my mind. Yeah, I accept that. Can’t help. Sorry!

You must’ve admitted that you shout too much. Even I do that. It helps me to curb Baban’s mischiefs. Must’ve gotten from you. And the way you keep coining words to describe us………..! πŸ˜›

You may think that I don’t notice your love, but, I do. That afternoon, while I was sleeping with my wet hair open, you had untangled each strand your own fingers. I pretended to be asleep so that you would continue. It was so soothing!!!

But I’m jealous of Pooja. That day, when she’d come over, you had pulled her cheeks and called her to be your “Darling Daughter”. Why? Why? Why? Only Didi and I are your daughters. Nobody else. Humph! -_-

Another thing. Didi thinks you’ve got a horse. That’s why you can sense when we are planning crimes and can reach the venue so soon. XD

Ma’am Bijay Lakshmi always tells us,”We can feel the ‘aura’ of the people around us, to whom we’re closely attached to”. And I can feel it. Most of the time. I never say, but I get scared, whenever I get up from my bed and don’t find you at home. Really,Bijay Lakshmi ma’am must be the only teacher in DB, whom I admire. All the others are ZOMBIES.

You may think otherwise, but it actually matters what you and Didi think about me. Papa’s opinions? Nah. It’s always negative. He will ridicule me for not going to med school, but I’m pretty sure you’ll always be by my side.

The way you keep running around the house from dawn to dusk without rest, uff! You’re no less than a superwoman. Taking care of everyone, even the annoying kittens, whom I keep calling inside.

I know you’re very tense for me, but trust me, one day you’ll be very proud, for me. I hope that day comes very soon.

Not to mention your culinary skills. No one can cook like you. NO ONE. Food becomes tastier every morning because you feed me with your own hands.

I really like it when you wake up at 3am in the morning and tell me,”Oi,ghumote jaabi na?”. And I’m like,”I have got the permission to sleep. Now I can sleep peacefully”. *chuckles*

I wonder how’ll I live without you if I have to go to a different city. Of course, you’ll shout at me over the phone, for my lazy-ness.

May God bless you with a long and happy life. And with a bit of calmness (urgently required)! Need to learn a lot from you.

Mann mast magan,mann mast magan

Bas tera naam dohraye…

From your devilish daughter,