The Magic

“Come on now”, I shouted impatiently. “Mmmm mmmm, what’s the hurry? “,Rashmi asked me, putting a spoonful of noddles in her mouth. I panicked , “We have our Sociology class now. What if Ma’am doesn’t let us enter the classroom?”

“I’m done. Now relax”, she said as she stood up. We ran through the corridor. Fortunately, we weren’t late for the lecture.

College, ah!!! It’s actually a struggle. It starts with diving into the cupboard every morning to fish out clothes. And really, the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ feeling is horrible.

And except being with my friends, I feel like I’m done with humans. I didn’t actually feel this way in school. I think that’s what people call as the “change”.

Sometimes, I miss my school days. We seem to have very different ways of creating memories in school. It’s not that we won’t be remembering our college days, but school days have a kind of magic of their own. They say we can never forget those moments spent in school. I don’t want to forget them either.