“Ahem ahem, yes, I love someone”, said Raghav, very confidently. “OMG, really? Show me her picture. NOW!” shouted Shobhi. She couldn’t control her excitement. Raghav loving a girl! Wasn’t he the one who didn’t believe in love??!!

“Ab itni bhi jaldi kya hai, pehle uske baare mein sun to lo”, Raghav said mischievously. “First show me her pic, only then I’ll listen to you”, Shobhi replied impatiently.

“She’s very sweet”, described Raghav.

“Photo”, said Shobi.

“I didn’t realize when I actually fell in love with her”, Raghav said, pretending to imagine her face.

“Her picture”, Shobhi replied.

“She’s beautiful”, said Raghav.

“Pic dekhaoge ki nahi?” Shobhi said, now angry.

“Ye lo”,Raghav said, while handing her his phone.

“Let me have a look”, Shobhi giggled.

“Arre, why did you open your front camera? I wanted to see her picture,” Shobhi said, confused.

“That’s what I’m doing. I’m showing you the picture of the woman I love, Raghav replied.

“But…”, Shobhi suddenly realized.

“Tum kya kam ho meri life mein jo main kisi aur ko dhundoonga?” Raghav laughed.

Shobhi just couldn’t stop blushing.

The Other Me

Yes, I am a human being. I am a woman born into this beautiful world. I have eyes to view the colours of nature, ears to listen to the melodious music around, a mouth to communicate with my fellow beings. I have my hands to touch the creations of the Almighty, feet to walk around and enjoy the pleasures of life. It seems like I’m very similar to the other human beings on the earth. That’s where you are wrong.

No, I’m not similar to the other people. I don’t think the way they think. I’ve got a brain to think differently. It is not that I am a rebel (though being one isn’t wrong). I’ve my own darker spaces in my mind where I don’t allow anyone. Not even the people closest to me.

In those darker spaces, I hide my very own self. My hatred for people, things and circumstances… all kept as secrets. Those secrets try to come out forcibly, but I push and lock them up again. Constant comparisons with the other human beings, my inability to express my feelings properly… everything’s there.

Feeling out of place is just another everyday issue, among many others. Everything gets locked up in the forbidden regions inside my soul.

Let’s see if I can ever unlock those chambers of secrets…!