A couple of weeks ago, two female dogs in my college gave birth to puppies. And guess what! They are so cute!!! Yeah, I am a bit afraid of canines. But those dogs are very friendly. It is only after meeting them that I have started to get over the phobia.

Our college is still under construction, so the workers have built tiny homes for the new guests to live in during the winters. I felt like picking up one of the puppies, but then I realized that they are too young and might get scared by the unfamiliar touch. Moreover, their Mommy was guarding them!

One of my friends, who loves dogs, wanted to adopt one of the puppies. So she went near them and picked up one in her arms. She began to cuddle it and had started to think of a name.

As soon as the Mother realized that one of her kids is missing, she started searching for it. She followed my friend and had even tried to climb on her to rescue the puppy. But my friend quickly got onto the cab and went away.

The dog kept staring at the sight of her kid being taken away by a human being. Though I don’t understand animals well, I could see the feeling of helplessness in her eyes. The feeling that she couldn’t save her kid.

My friend kept the puppy for two days at the hostel. Then she took it home.

Our holidays ended. And when she came back to college, the dog started following her again, as if asking, “Where is my baby??!!”

It is not that I’m against people who buy pets. I just don’t like the fact that these little beings have to be separated from their families and brought to an unknown environment. Even if we care for them, we won’t be able to take the place of their parents. We can adopt animals who have grown up a bit. Not the babies.

Let’s not become so self-obsessed. They have feelings, just like us.

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