Ignited Minds…

Wake up!

’cause the nation needs you –

Or else:

How will;

It grow without you?

The fires in your hearts –

Are needed by-

The common people.

Wake up!

And throw away –

The barriers created

By people who don’t know

The hearts of the minority

Illegal stuff will keep happening,

Unless you, my children-

Unless you

Take the baton in your hands

And rise it towards victory.

Wake up!

And lead the nation to glory –

With your wisdom.

Wake up!

All is not lost,

You can make it –

Only if you work –

Work hard, work together

Wake up!

Because the rulers will

repeat the same,

You have to be the



Wake up!




(Composed during poetry slam 😌😌)

Culture of silence…

Silence –

A deep word,

A world within a word.

A long word.

So long that humans might die;

While waiting for it to end.

Some people love it,

While some just have no other option

Some have to crave for it

But some….. simply don’t like it- they like to be lively

But wherever it exists

Is not always beautiful…

Silence might be the ornament

Of a victim of abuse –

Forced to be worn along with,

The shackles of society.

‘Hush-hush’ -might be the

Indicator to

Maintain silence.

But where ever it exists

Is not always beautiful…




(I had composed this poem a few minutes before my poetry slam in my college😌😌)

Dear Beloved…

I look at you,

And find you looking at me:

Among the unexpressed emotions,

Lies this set of feelings.

My heart becomes happy –

What about you, my friend?

At times of distress

You, only you

Come to me, and try to get me out of the mess that I create in this human world.

Your magical eyes

Never fail to amaze me.

I touch you, and sweet feelings run inside me.

I take your hand in mine –

And talk for hours :

Completely unaware of the cruel world.

Your majestic aura forces me to think….

Who are you?

People say that you are selfish, dirty…..


I think you’re my

















P. S. I wish I could keep you at home as my pet. But my parents won’t let you in. They don’t understand cats. πŸ™