Ruhani felt empty. Actually she couldn’t feel anything. Things going on around her and stuff. She was completely tired of her life. Her life held no meaning for her.

Ruhani had already distanced herself from her family and friends. And she didn’t know why. What was the problem? She wasn’t having any problems in her life. Or maybe she couldn’t identify one.

“You should try talking to a counselor. You’ll feel better”, a senior had advised Ruhani. She didn’t think about it until it had become completely unbearable.

Either Ruhani couldn’t explain her problems to the counselor, or she didn’t understand the steps her counselor had advised her to follow. But she set off on a different path. Instead of stopping her visits, she started narrating stories to the counselor- that she was following the methods. She started living in another world.

Did Ruhani require some serious counselling sessions???