Some days ago, I went along with my father to one of his friends’ house. Uncle had a 2-year old granddaughter,Gungun. As soon as we started talking,she came in silently and sat with us. She was very cute but a bit shy. I called her a few times but she sat there staring at me like a little kitten. Aunty gave us snacks to eat and I just admired the way Gungun had those. When we went inside to see the house, she must have thought that we were leaving and called out to me in a tensed tone,”Baa! Baa! Kot jua?” I was taken aback at her gesture. I picked her up in my arms and said,”Kotu najau, Bhonti.”We talked for a few minutes and it was time for us to go back home. We bade them goodbye and drove away.
It was maybe the first time a kid was so pleased to meet me. I like kids, but generally, they don’t like to come to me. But still, they are among God’s wonderful creations and I shall continue loving them. They say, play with a baby whenever you’re upset, they’ll teach you how to smile. Now I say, yeah it works.


Why this???!!!

maxresdefaultYou must be thinking why did I name this blog as ‘Dreams”.Like,there are so many better and thoughtful names out there. Why ‘Dreams’?This is because dreams play a very important part in my life. It’s not the usual philosophical thing that ‘we should all be dreamers’ and all that stuff. My dreams come true. Yeah right. They come true. Or they don’t come true. I mean,sometimes when I dream, they come true,in some context or the other. And sometimes, they just turn the opposite. So when I dream something horrible,I know beforehand,that either it’s gonna come true,or the opposite(intuition, eh?!).Whenever I see those becoming real,I’m like,”Woah!” Actually,my whole life revolves around these dreams. Sounds funny,doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰


So,to begin with,I’m not much of a writer.Whenever something pops up in my mind,I write it down somewhere.If it’s good enough,I send it to the newspapers.Surprisingly,all my earlier writings got published!

I’m very unstable,very.All kinds of thoughts come into my mind,and after that,I keep screaming at others.So,to be able to express my thoughts better,my sister told me to write a blog.I liked the idea and hope it works! ☺

Debashree Das -Dreams